Assembly Magic works with Australia's best TV Wall Mounting Installation Service. Servicing Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sydney, Canberra, Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, Sunshine Coast, Toowoomba, Warwick, Beaudesert & Northern Rivers (NSW). Call 1800 TV Magic to book a technician to come to your home, office or building.

Why does their TV Wall Mounting Look So Great?

  • Firstly they make it level. But anyone can do that! Have you tried making an arm bracket level? The rubbers in the joins at the pivot points give, as the weight of the tv (up to 40kg+) cause a levelled bracket to bend & look uneven. Some so called professionals havn't figured this one out!
  • Making a tv on the wall is a very small insignificant part of the job. It's the finer details that make it an art form.
  • They love wall mounting tv's that much that we have set some records and often out-perform or even get asked to re- wall mount a job done by a competitor.
  • Everything from A-Z - they have a 26 point trade secret check point list that helps us to stand out above the rest.
  • They believe in quality vs. speed of service when it comes to putting a tv on the wall
  • Acoustics and visual check - what size of tv is being put on the wall? and what brand?
  • They supply and do the shopping for our clients for the best possible picture.
  • Professional tuning & cables used - make all the difference - this is another of our specialties that supports our unparalleled wall mounting service
  • Digital antenna experts - Guarantees your tv reception is not going to let the tv on the wall picture go astray
  • Lastly, They get you. They regularly and arduously critique our customer satisfaction. They know what YOU really want and understand your unique and personal desires.


Whether it's your plasma, LCD, LED or smart TV they can wall mount your TV and conceal the cables. Regardless of what type of wall it's on we can conceal the cables! TV's are getting trickier with their curvy backs and skinny designs. Never before has it been harder to fit a TV bracket to the back of some of the new TV's. If you don't know what I mean, then just take our word for it!

Also with all the newer TV's having fixed power cables:- this is proving to be a job that is best left to the professionals. TV Magic safely and securely wall mount your TV with ALL cables concealed making it look a million bucks! Watch this video to see how TV's are a danger to your children & pets. They can even give you a FREE Quote on your requirements and their work is fully Guaranteed!



We are a TEAM of Flat Pack Builders on the Gold Coast and Brisbane. We pride ourselves on our friendly service and attention to detail. We will come to your home and Assemble products that you have purchased and remember... NO job is too small!

What we do!

  • Indoor/Outdoor Furniture
  • Trampolines & Playgrounds
  • Sheds & Gym Equipment
  • Residential & Commercial

With affordable prices, you will remember our quality service and be recommending our service to your friends!


  • Long Lifespan  - Last up to 25 times longer
  • Energy Efficient - Use up to 75% less Energy
  • Improved Safety- Use up to 75% less Energy
  • Physically Small Lights
  • Great Colour Rendering
  • Design Flexibility

LED Lights Look GREAT!

It is fundamentally changing the future of lighing in the World. LED lighƟng is available in a wide variety of home and industrial products, and the list is growing every year.

The rapid development of LED technology has resulted in increased product availability, improved manufacturing efficiency, and lower prices.



  • Raises the Ambient Lighing in the room

  • Reduces Strain on the EYES

  • Watch TV for LONGER

  • Reduces GLARE from other light sources

  • Increased perception of CONTRAST

just look really good

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